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Bradley GT II
Subaru 3.0 w/Auto
Picked this one up in PA to build for the wife.
VW eng was frozen & the pan was all rusty. What a rip off from eBay ad. After driving all that was, didn't want to go back home empty handed. So found a 2002 Subaru Outback with a H6 3.0/auto for $500.00, then went to junk yard & cut the body off of a Toyota Supra.
Mount the H^ as a mid eng in to Supra frame. Shorten the Supra floor 10" to math the VW wheel base.

Had to repair both rocker panels & added Mustang side scoops for air flow in to eng .
I do plan to keep this body as stock with the scoops & cutting out a front hood only
Then wanted to change the floor to a Subaru Outback, so drove down to GA junk yard & cut the body off.
Got it for $185.00 & this is how it came home with me & how I got it off the camper top.
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