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Rakoons 3 Wheel Car

Rakoons Camper
TR Spitfire Restored

There is a build write here:

3 Wheel Custom built cat

This was the start of a 9 month project, Subaru XT6 from the junk yard for $500.00.
2.7 cu in engine w/auto, had 3 wheels, one rear axle had been sold.
So time to slice & dice!                                                                                This is what I started with.

Built a level platform to start the mock up to build a frame for it. Changed the auto trans over to a Turbo 5 speed.
Laying out the steering column & gauges from the XT6

Built a 2" round tubing frame using a tuber I got from HF. This was all stick welded together with a welder I built from a 16 HP motor.
Used A-arms from a 4 wheeler & modified to fit my needs. Kona coil over shocks installed. Used the stock rad as well.
The XT6 had elec. steering which couldn't be used, so removed the AC pump & mount a PS pump in it's place. At the rear I mod the stock swing arm to get it to go up/down. Mounted a TD Spitfire gas tank. Also found 3 only rims with low profile tires to mount. Some 5" fog light convert to driving light.

Now the fun begins. The is the larges mold I made to date. How ever it a rev. mold to be used only once.
Cut up 1/8 hard board into 2" strips, mounted & glued to the frame for clearance spacing, the wrapped it with 1/8" tile board from HD,
using 1"x2" strip to reinforce it. Then 2"x4" & 2"6"s to build some legs, it was removed from the frame.
All of the seams were sealed & rounded over then primed on the inside.
You may notice that there are fenders on the front wheels.
Got 2 metal fender, cut & welded the together for the withe I needed. Say this on Jesse's Motorcycle show! Bodyworked the & made a mold.
Was able to pop out all 3 fenders from the one mold.

On to bigger things.
With help from my friend Eddie & his wife Menda we were able to fiberglass the whole body at the same time.
We did one side, then the top section, then tilting it over for the othe side.
The next day I pull the wood apart & had a one piece body.

Now that I had a body shell would need a floor. So using 3/4" White board shaped it out, rounded the corner & laid it up in Fiberglass.
Pulled the whole thing out of the frame & removed the wood.
Now I have somewhere to put my feet.

The 3/4" white board will give the clearance to be able to move it in or out of the frame.

Here it all cleaned up & mounted in the frame with a pair of seats.

Here the body is on the frame, roll bar welded in & building a windshield frame for it.
Taillight & side maker are ready to go in. HD muffler with side guard installed.

Working on the centen console & Dash wiring.

The rear of the body was lengthen 8" along with the frame when I added a larger gas tank & air bag on the rear end. Also mounded the 3th brake light on the rear hump.

Then I made a removable Hard top for it.

Another Subaru Project, this time a Outback Camper

It now has an AC unit & a foldaway storage box on the rear hitch.

OK, some space left here, so thought I would throw in the TR Spitfire I restore a few years ago.
Bought this off of eBay to convert to Elec. Car.
Way to much money for my junk yard budget, so fixed it up instead.

Stripped all of the ol paint off & fixed the only rust in the rear panel.
Sprayed with primer.

Did a few upgrades on it before paint.
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