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93 Goldwing Trike Build

There has been 2 1993 Honda GoldWing Trike Project, 1st one 1st.
Started as a wreak from the junk yard, then after to much money this is what she looked like.
So made it into my 1st Trike with a custom built body & Miata rearend, making it a wide body.
Was sold to guy down in GA. which resole it to some else.\

You can see the build here:

1st Honda Goldwing Trike Build 

These are the only pictures I can find on the computer.
Lost a lot of pictures when WebShot shut down. That is why I started this web site.

Started with a damaged body which I repaired then added to the rear so it was 10" longer & used Honda Del Sol tail light. & a Subaru SVX rear bumper.

After the body was finished , built a new mold for it, then laid up the new body

Here it is removed from the mold.

Then started working on the Jag rear end.
1st Decage the jag & cleaned it up
Shorten the arms & axles 5" each

Cleaned it up, painted & installed new bearing, rotor & rebuilt cab.
Made the diff. mount for the crossbar & setup the air shocks.

Built the mounting brackets to the Goldwing GL1500 SE Frame

Here the frame is finished & waiting for the body

Here's the mold for the trunk & then with it glassed in the body
Undercoat the whole inside
Mounted, primed & ready for paint.

Now for a little painting
Lemon Drop Pearl Paint w clean coat.
Black trim & 2 color pin stripping

Then the fun part, putting it all back together.

I do sell the body kits to build your own Trike.
This is the body ONLY in gell coat with trunk, truck door, I DO NOT build Trike for anyone.
Includes trunk rubber seal, trunk locks & trunk hinges, fiber glass mat to mount the trunk box to body.
Some body work will be needed at the fender seams.
The body is trimmed on all edges.
You may need to mod the trunk box to fit your designed rear end.
I like using the Jag rear ends.
Takes about 2 weeks to build one body.
Have sold to customers which modified to fit the GL1200 & the GL1800, This body is made for the GL1500 to fit the side covers.

You can e-mail me skip20 (at) for phone & more info.

First 2 pictures is the standard body with no tail light, this is so you can mount whatever you want

The other pictures of the custom long body which will use the Honda Del Sol tail light or after market off of eBay.

And here are the travel bags I make.
They are for sale as a Kit  for $275.00 or what I have in stock finished for $799.00
They are made with the saddle bags you remove from the bike to Trike.
Have the kit for the GL1500 & GL1800 saddle bags.
You can see the build here.

You can e-mail me skip20 (at) for phone & more info.

Here a link to the Travel Bags I build as a kit or complete as on both Trikes in the pictures.

Honda Travel Bags

1 piece fiber glass floor panel & top cover.
Includes the Ford hinges & a lock of the lid, 2 - 1/4 plates for the bottom mounting, 2 -locks for the bag covers.
Hitch bar (1 1/4" or 2") extra or make you own to save on shipping.
Vinyl cover for the front to keep the rock off your paint job.
The lid can be paint to match the bags or covered with vinyl.
Pick up after market lights of of eBay.

Here's the lid covered in vinyl which is just  glued on.
It's nice & weather proof, no lic. needed as there in no wheel on the ground.
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